Natural Tree Rubber yoga Mat, it's Eco Friendly, & Non Slip, from Tiggar!
Natural Tree Rubber

Tiggar Yoga mat - Natural Tree Rubber yoga Mat, Eco Friendly ,Non Slip, Dense Cushioning for Support and Stability in Yoga, Pilates, and General Fitness!

Tiggar Yoga mat (Price at time of writing - $59.98)

The Tiggar Yoga mat is a great choice for an active lifestyle. The rubber design makes it easy to grip and the anti-slip material prevents slipping during your workout. This exercise mat can also be used as an extra layer of padding or on top of any surface, making it perfect for workstations, home gyms, or cars that don’t have mats installed in them.

Tiggar Yoga/Exercise mat is one of the most solid yoga/exercise mats you can get. It's a full 74 inches so that is refreshing, and 2 feet wide. The size is pretty good for person up to about 6'5" as the only thing hanging over are your feet. It comfortable and can take a pounding from daily use. Some exercise mats are not durable and start to crack and peel after daily use over as little as a month. The mat is still as good as when it was purchased 4 months ago. When you get take it out of the box so the rubber can breath. Doing so lets the natural oils soak back in and the smell dissipate. We turned them over a couple of time during the process. After 2 days it's ready for use.

Product Highlights:

Conclusion - Terrific mat!! The natural rubber is so much better than anything synthetic. Its not gonna slip on you or stretch when stresses. Your knees won't hurt and your wrist, and ankles will be thanking you for the purchase. Like I said earlier this mat is one of the best out on the market for stretch, calisthenics, yoga and good old exercise on the market right now. Get yourself on and you won't be sorry, you'll just wish you made the purchase earlier!

Thank You!
Mary Joesph (MaryJo)

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