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BodyRestore Shower Steamers

15 Pack Shower Bombs for both Women & Men, Eucalyptus Shower Tablets for Nasal Congestion, Essential Oil Stress Relief and Relaxation!

Body Restore Shower Steamers (Price as of writing - $29.97)

I got these shower bombs for my girlfreind but they work great for me after a workout to help me relax and de stress.I was tressed with travel & workout so she told me to use one thes bombs to help me relax. The scent is not to if I can say for a guy - GIRLY! The Eucalyptus helps clear your nasal passways so your breathing relaxes. Once your breathing relaxes the body follows. They last for about 5-10 minutes depending on how hot the shower is which is plenty long enough for me. The scent stays strong until it dissolves.

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Conclusion - Like I said, I originally got these for my girlfreind, but she recommended that I try one to destress and I have been using these ever since because they help me relax after workouts & long days of travel. Never be afraid to try things other offer you just might find yourself a hidden gem that works for you!

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