Policy Information

We here at partnership only with the best retailers. As a longtime (over 16 years) online advertising company we have fought for our visitor and will fight for them in cases of miss treatment in the present and future. These cases have been very few (only 3 in 16 years of service) but they do happen. Use our policy guidlines if you us one of our sites or some others to make sure you get what you paid for.

Shipping and Handling

All of our vendors have excellent shipping and handling policies. With all orders they attempt to ship your order as soon as it is received. Most orders usually ship with in 24-48 hrs from purchase. Conformation emails are send along with tracking information where applicable. Always have the companies info copied down so as to infom them when something is wrong.

Most of our merchants offer the following shipping methods:


Customers often ask about return policies. Always checkout the return policies before purchasing any product. This way you will cover yourself if any thing is wrong with your order once it is received. All of our vendors carry standard return policies but check them to make sure they are what you want and are comfortable with. If you have concerns please contact the seller before purchase to make sure of the return practices.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at: