Pitbull Silver PRO Electric Skull Shaver
Pitbull Silver PRO Electric Skull Shaver

Head & Face Shaver for Men, Wet/Dry 4 Razor Hair Trimmer - 4D Rechargeable Rotary Shaver with Lithium-Ion Battery & Cordless USB - Water Resistant Grooming Kit!

Pitbull Silver PRO Electric Skull Shaver (Price as of writing - $89.99)

Customer Review! - I used to use regular hair clippers to shave my head and this thing is a huge improvement in multiple ways that make it super convenient. No cord and the battery lasts a long time; it catches all the cut hair (no more mess to clean up); since it is cordless and catches the cut hair it can be used anywhere; don’t need to shower afterward since it catches the hair; very fast (went from ~20+ down to ~5+ minutes). All of that means I can cut my hair more frequently to keep it always looking good and it means I’m more confident with the results and don’t need anyone to check and help with missed spots.

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