Casio G-Shock Men's GBA800-1A
By: D.L.

Casio G-Shock Men's GBA800-1A is the active day G-Shock® watch with a built in step counter, and health monitor app. It still has all the legendary G-Shock features built into a modern interactive body!

Daily Health & Fitness Support Functions!

Casio G-Shock Men's GBA800-1A Highlights:

Conclusion - Though I would present another one of the watches I own because like the model-GA-700UC-5ACR this one is also badass! I wear this one at all special occassion along with my Invicta Speedway! I don't car for skinny watxhes that get scrathed and cost 1000's just to have them keep shitty time andbe filled with bullshit metal that have ZERO value to me! A watch says something about the MAN who wears it, THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY!
Darryl Lipscomb

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